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In an obsessive mystery as thrilling as The Girl on the Train and The Husband’s Secret, New York Times bestselling author J.T. Ellison will make you question every twist in her page-turning novel—and wonder which of her vividly drawn characters you should trust.

The day Aubrey Hamilton’s husband is declared dead by the state of Tennessee should bring closure so she can move on with her life. But Aubrey doesn’t want to move on; she wants Josh back. It’s been five years since he disappeared, since their blissfully happy marriage—they were happy, weren’t they?—screeched to a halt and Aubrey became the prime suspect in his disappearance. Five years of emptiness, solitude, loneliness, questions. Why didn’t Josh show up at his friend’s bachelor party? Was he murdered? Did he run away? And now, all this time later, who is the mysterious yet strangely familiar figure suddenly haunting her new life?

In No One Knows, the New York Times bestselling coauthor of the Nicholas Drummond series expertly peels back the layers of a complex woman who is hiding dark secrets beneath her unassuming exterior. This masterful thriller for fans of Gillian Flynn, Liane Moriarty, and Paula Hawkins will pull readers into a you’ll-never-guess merry-go-round of danger and deception. Round and round and round it goes, where it stops…no one knows.

Here’s What I Thought…

I finished this audiobook on Friday and it took me until today to write my review which is telling in itself… because I still can’t really decide if I liked it or not. I enjoyed the first 75% of the story but felt like I was completely misled during the last 25%. Sometimes I like when a story misleads me so that I don’t guess the end but in this instance I didn’t. Because of this, I can’t give it more than 3 stars which really disappoints me! Going in, I was sure it would be at least a 5 Star book. In order to avoid spoiling this story, my review has to be a bit vague.

This story is about a woman named Aubrey who was orphaned at a young age because her parents are killed in a car accident. She is then placed in a foster home where things aren’t great but she luckily has a good friend named Josh who lives nearby. Josh’s mother despises Aubrey from the beginning when Aubrey is only 7 and Josh is 10. This was one annoyance of mine. Daisy, Josh’s mom hates Aubrey but the only reason seems to be because she didn’t like Aubrey mother and once Aubrey is an orphan she doesn’t like her because she is considered “trash”. This issue was never fully explained and really only served to push Josh away from his mother and into Aubrey’s arms instead. Over the years, Josh and Aubrey form an intense connection and fall in love once Aubrey is old enough. Eventually they marry and Josh begins medical school. He wants to give Aubrey the life she never had with wealth and opportunity.

Things go array  one evening when Josh and Aubrey head to a joint Bachelor/Bachelorette party for Josh’s best friend. On their way to the party, they are involved in a minor fender bender. They wind up getting there but not until the party has already begun. Aubrey heads off to the girls party and Josh heads off to the bachelor party and that is the last time she see’s him. While she is at her party, she texts Josh that she is bored and ready to go. He doesn’t text her back but instead she receives her favorite drink sent to her from the bar and assumes it’s from Josh. A short time later, Aubrey heads over to the bachelor party to get Josh and his friends say that he never arrived. This begins the mystery of the story. Where did Josh go? Why is their house covered in blood when she arrives home without him? Is he dead or missing?

Fast forward 5 years. Aubrey is still a mess from Josh’s disappearance and the DA has officially declared him dead. Right after Josh’s disappearance, Aubrey stood trial for his murder. Without any substantial evidence, she was cleared. Now Josh’s 5 million dollar life insurance can be paid. Who is named as the beneficiary? Aubrey! Does that sound like a motive or what? Josh’s mother Daisy doesn’t like this one bit and plans to sue Aubrey for the life insurance money.

One final thing I can mention here is that the same day Josh is declared dead, she meets a mysterious man named Chase who very much reminds her of her dead husband in more ways than one. Aubrey also has a sneaking suspicion that Josh may still be alive and that leads her on a mission to find the truth.

See! Now doesn’t that sound like a great mystery?? I agree. Up until this point I was all in. Then, twisty psychological drama comes into play and I was thrown for a loop.

My final recommendation is read this if you are interested in seeing where the story goes and what happens. It is a good mystery in general and would be a great read if you were going on vacation and needed something juicy to enjoy. Just go into it with lowered expectations and you may be pleasantly surprised.

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