The absolutely, positively, number one question I am asked (besides my favorite book pick) is, “Where do you find the time to read??” It is usually asked by someone in exasperation because they hear me gushing about books all the time. My answer is simple, kind of…I MAKE the time to read. Sometimes (dare I say) at the expense of my son! Haha. I am fortunate to have the type of job and an understanding boss, that allows me to listen to AudioBooks while I work. This doesn’t always happen, because certain tasks require my full attention. But when I am working on mundane tasks that I can do in my sleep, that’s the perfect time to push play on my audiobook. Aside from audio, I usually have at least one other hard copy or Ebook going. EBooks luckily synch between my tablet, kindle and phone so that no matter where I am I can easily pick up where I left off. I set aside at least 20 minutes of reading right before I turn the light off at night to help me ease into sleep as well. When I say I read at the expense of my son, I don’t really mean that. I just mean that if he is watching a movie  (Willy Wonka for the thousandth time anyone?) I will pick up my book and read next to him. If I am cleaning the house, my audiobook is on and when I am driving alone I am listening to my books as well. Sometimes, I get lucky and have a long stretch of time when my husband is fishing with our son, or they both decide to nap together. I always utilize that time as best as I can by reading.  Reading is my passion, and  all passions take work and time to accomplish. At times I do feel like maybe reading keeps me indoors too much and maybe distracts me from going on more adventures, but honestly I feel as though I am experiencing new things and places with every new book I read. I hope that my son sees Mommy reading and understands how much I love it. He and I read every night before he goes to sleep and I know he appreciates that. It is our time to explore new books and learn new words. I hope that I can always somehow make the time to enjoy this love I have for reading no matter what the future holds for me.

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