We made it again! I am especially looking forward to this weekend because we are celebrating my Grandfather’s 90th birthday! He is such an amazing man who has experienced so much in his 90 years.

What are you all reading this weekend? Something good I hope. As always, if you need any book suggestions let me know. You can post a comment on a blog post with what you are looking for or shoot me an email.

This weekend I am reading a book by one of my FAVORITE authors Blake Crouch. The book is called “Good Behavior: The Letty Dobesh Chronicles”. It has been made into a TV show starring Michelle Dockery who many of you will recognize from Downton Abbey. It premiers November 15th TNT and it looks so good!

Click below for the trailer…

I am trying to read this one before the show starts to get a good idea about what the show is about. Plus, I always prefer to read the book before I watch its movie or show. Below is the book Synopsis and the purchase link if you are interested.

Good Behavior: The Letty Dobesh Chronicles

By: Blake Crouch


Fresh out of prison and fighting to keep afloat, Letty Dobesh returns to her old tricks burglarizing suites at a luxury hotel. While on the job, she overhears a man hiring a hit man to kill his wife. Letty may not be winning any morality awards, but even she has limits. Unable to go to the police, Letty sets out to derail the job, putting herself on a collision course with the killer that entangles the two of them in a dangerous, seductive relationship.

Good Behavior comprises three interlinked novellas (The Pain of Others, Sunset Key, and Grab), which together form a novel-length portrait of Blake Crouch’s all-time favorite character creation, Letty Dobesh. This edition is the complete Letty Dobesh collection.

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