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As soon as I found out that a friend of mine from high school had written a book, I immediately wanted to share her news with you all! I am so excited and impressed that Mia Pride, a busy mother with two boys researched, wrote and published a novel. Not only that, this is the first book in The Sisters of Danu Trilogy! Which means there is much more coming. Yay for us! It is quickly climbing the Amazon charts after its debut November 4th. Please check it out! It is available on Kindle and will be released in paperback form soon. Kindle Unlimited users can read it for free and all other users can download it on sale for $3.99! Please pick up a copy and support an Indie Writer and my friend.

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Without further ado, here is the synopsis of Forbidden Fate and a message from the author herself…

Forbidden Fate

by Mia Pride

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When Gwynneth awakens from a horrible accident, she has no memory of her past and must rely on the help of one man, the man who found her half dead on the shore beneath the Cliffs of Moher. Though her mind cannot remember him, her heart cannot deny him.

Liam Mac Cuill has loved Gwynneth his entire life and was heartbroken when she was 
forced to marry a dangerous man. Finding Gwynneth below the cliffs without her memory was the last thing Liam ever expected. But when he discovers why she was there, he becomes set on revenge. Now he must protect Gwynneth from the horrors of her past, but doing so requires him to shelter her from the truth, keeping dark secrets that threaten his ultimate goal: to make Gwynneth his.

The more Gwynneth discovers of her past, the more tumultuous her life becomes. Her fall from the cliff was no accident, Liam is not who he claims to be, and an ancient family legend turns Gwynneth’s world upside down. Every event in her life has been prophesied by the legend, sealing her fate. Torn between her own desires and a predetermined fate, she must make a choice.

Between her violent past and her unknown future, in a world full of secrets, prophecies, and lies, can Gwynneth fulfill the fate thrust upon her by the gods and also gain her heart’s true desire? Or will she defy the gods for a chance to claim her own fate…her Forbidden Fate?

A Word From The Author Herself!
I asked Mia to please explain how the heck she was able to write a book during her busy life and to tell us about herself. I love that she decided to write this book because the characters and their story came to her after a terrible headache! We could all only wish to have ideas like this after enduring throbbing pain in our heads. Ha! Mia did a ton of research to write this as well and really let the characters take the lead and tell her where they wanted the story to go.  Here is what she wrote to share with all of you:
I just love to laugh and have fun! Family and friends mean everything to me. I am wife to an amazing man and mom to two awesome boys, residing in the SF Bay Area. I’m a full-time mom and writer by day, avid reader by night. I love to stay active by hiking or just getting outdoors. I drink lots of coffee to stay sane, and sometimes a margarita or two for an extra dose of sanity.
Writing has always been a passion of mine, but the right story never called to me. Life got crazy. I had kids and started my own baking business. Years went by with the desire to write a novel growing more intense by the day, but still…no story to write.
One day, I had a horrible headache that left me very ill in bed. As I lay there holding my head in pain, the entire story of Gwynneth and Liam came pouring out of my mind, as if they were always there, waiting for the right time to reveal themselves to me. As my headache subsided, I wrote down every single detail as more and more details came to me. Within the hour, I had a pretty good beginning to what would become an entire series of stories: the Sisters of Danu series. 
Book one, Forbidden Fate, is my story for Liam and Gwynneth, but in truth, they guided my hand. There were times when I thought Gwynneth would go one direction, but she insisted on going another. The book is set in Iron Age Ireland, the year 58 AD. This is the time of Celtic, Pagan Ireland. No written language existed and all materials were organic. This means that there are no true written records of the time and very few artifacts left to study. After 1.5 years of research and writing, I tried to use as many historically accurate details as possible, using other nearby Celtic tribes as reference when needed. As for the mysteries of their time, I used my imagination to fill in the blanks.
I hope you will love reading their story as much as I enjoyed writing it!
Mia Pride

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