Tell Me How This Ends Well

by David Samuel Levinson

Will be released April 4, 2017

Pre Order Purchase Link http://amzn.to/2gNiuRG

First let me say thank you to the publisher and to Netgalley for giving me an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Now on to the good stuff…

Who would have thought that a book about three siblings getting together to murder their father would be so humorous and entertaining? There probably has never been a book written like this before, or at least one quite so entertaining. From the very beginning I was extremely invested in the Jacobson Family. Each of the siblings has their own section of the book which means you get to the see the story from each of their perspectives. When I initially chose this book to read, I thought it would be very dark. But it was quite the opposite. Each character has their flaws, but I think that is what makes them relatable and wonderful. The story begins with the two youngest Jacobson children travelling to older brother Mo’s house to celebrate Passover with their parents. Julian, the patriarch of the family is a terrible man who has been a verbally abusive father to each of the children throughout their childhood and into their adult lives. Their mother Roz is dying and they all believe this will be their last Holiday with her. Because of this, the children truly believe that their mother needs to spend her last months alive living without their father. So it is their job to kill him.  Jacob, the youngest Jacobson flies in from Germany with his boyfriend Dietrich. The Jacobson family has a hard time accepting Dietrich and his German descent especially in the current Anti-Jewish climate that has once again taken over the world including the US. Edith, the middle child is divorced and currently embroiled in a sex scandal involving one of her college students. She is a mess and has an interesting past with men. This leaves Mo, the Hollywood actor who has 5 young sons with his equally famous entrepreneur wife Pandora. On the surface, his life seems to going well. But underneath his perfect exterior, he is having major problems with his wife and is dealing with a faltering career in show business. Once all of the siblings are in the house, shenanigans ensue and the most complicated comical story emerges of a family faced with the certain death of the mother they love, and the menacing father who they suspect may not be caring for her as well as he claims. Through each of the siblings stories, you see how horrible of a person their father is and how this has impacted each of their lives. This is a fantastic story about a screwed up family and the potential redemption life has in store for each of them.

5 Stars for this one! I will remind you to pick this up as the time gets closer to its release date.

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