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Don’t let Your Year in Books end with a whimper. It’s not too late to say goodbye to 2016 the right way: with a pile of books (and probably a hot beverage). In an effort to read more and, for some of us, to complete our 2016 Reading Challenge, we turned to—who else?—our wonderful Goodreads community. GoodReads asked on Facebook and Twitter: What are some tips for reading more? See what could work for you…and then get back to your books!

1. “Cut off all outside distractions. If your phone dies, let it die. Don’t plug anything in until you’re finished with your book. And get cozy. Make yourself a hot tea or hot chocolate and throw on some flannel pajamas.” 

Literally me right now….This is my happy place.

2. “Stack the deck in your favor! Have a bunch of short books you’ve been meaning to get to? Put them on the top of your list.”

 Good idea!!

3. “Listen to audiobooks every second you can’t actually be reading. Commuting, cleaning, and laundry would be wasted time without the ability to listen to a good book.”

People ask me all the time how I read so much and this is how!! I listen to books all the time when doing these chores and while working and commuting.


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4. “Get up early to read for at least an hour and then read for at least an hour at night.”

I definitely read for at least an hour before bed but getting up early to read? NOPE! I love my sleep way too much.

5. “Call in sick for a ‘me day.'”

I wish!

6. “Find sneaky ways to read more at unexpected times. I read when I’m blow drying my hair!”

I read when I blow dry and straighten my hair too!

7. “Always have a book with you. If you’re waiting in a long line at the supermarket, whip it out!”

 Good thing for the Kindle Reading App! I read in line all the time. 

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8. “Start reading a book or comic book series with 5+ books. You’ll get hooked and won’t want to put it down.

I’m not a comic fan but I have started series just so that I get hooked. For Example, I just started reading The Dublin Murder Squad Series by Tana French


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9. “Mix up genres and book lengths. Never get bored!”

Great tip! I move between genres like it’s going out of style. On my currently reading list, have a Sci-Fi book called Ocean of Storms and am also reading The Five Languages of Love.


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10.Read with your kids! Obviously we can’t read Game Of Thrones with them, but find books that you will both enjoy. It will great bonding time and will teach them a love of reading.(My Tip #1)

11. Tell everyone in your house to zip it so you can read! (My tip #2)

13. Take your kids outside or to someplace that they can play safely and read while they enjoy the sunshine. (My tip #3)

Notice a trend here? I clearly am a mother who values time with her child but who also is constantly trying to squeeze in reading time.

And for those who are really serious about reading more, there’s this tip from Justine:
“Quit your job and send the husband and kids out of town. Recruit some cats, stockpile tea, and get to it!”

Do you have a secret reading tip? Share it with us in the comments!!

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