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Looking back at my notes for this book, I gave it a 5 star rating! Here’s what I wrote about it back in February of last year:

Finished and loved! Kinda strange and quirky. I don’t usually like magic plot lines, but this was half magic and half science so I liked it. Very high concept and I’m not sure what genre it falls into.

I also pulled some quotes from it that I loved:

“But the real point is, how do you ever know your own emotions are spontaneous and genuine, and not just a programmed set of responses?”

“You know … no matter what you do, people are going to expect you to be someone you’re not. But if you’re clever and lucky and work your butt off, then you get to be surrounded by people who expect you to be the person you wish you were.”

“When the whole world turns chaotic, we must be the better part of chaos,”

“We could not ‘break’ nature if we spent a million years trying. This planet is a speck, and we are specks on a speck. But our little habitat is fragile, and we cannot live without it.”

Magic was always bound to claim her in the end, in retrospect, but love was the most susceptible to random failure of all human enterprises.

“You’ve turned your guilt into resentment, because that seemed easier to face. You won’t move on until you turn it back into guilt, and then into forgiveness for yourself.”

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Here is the synopsis for All The Birds In The Sky by Charlie Jane Anders.

From the editor-in-chief of io9.com, a stunning novel about the end of the world – and the beginning of our future.
Childhood friends Patricia Delfine and Laurence Armstead didn’t expect to see each other again after parting ways under mysterious circumstances during high school. After all, the development of magical powers and the invention of a two-second time machine could hardly fail to alarm one’s peers and families. But now they’re both adults, living in the hipster mecca San Francisco, and the planet is falling apart around them.

Laurence is an engineering genius who’s working with a group that aims to avert catastrophic breakdown through technological intervention into the changing global climate. Patricia is a graduate of Eltisley Maze, the hidden academy for the world’s magically gifted, and works with a small band of other magicians to secretly repair the world’s ever-growing ailments. Little do they realize that something bigger than either of them, something begun years ago in their youth, is determined to bring them together – to either save the world or plunge it into a new dark ages.

A deeply magical, darkly funny examination of life, love, and the apocalypse.

Happy Reading!!