My Beautiful New Logos!

Book It Forward turned a year old this past September, and it has taken me that long to have an official logo made! I am lucky enough to have a friend from high school who has her own company called Love Child Designs. The two of us collaborated on the design for my blog and she expertly came up with these beautiful logos I am proud to share with you all. Crystal was a pleasure to work with! I tend to be a little OCD and am a super visual person so I need to see things in order to understand what they will look like. From little edits like adding the yellow to my flowers, to adjusting the lettering to give it a clear bold look, Crystal was wonderful at walking me through the design process.  I highly recommend her for all of your graphic design needs. Not only does she do graphic design, she hand letters GORGEOUS signs, Christmas Ornaments and much more. She makes everything herself and offers FREE Shipping within the US. Plus, she always adds special surprise goodies your orders.

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All You Need is Love | Foil Print:
You're as smooth as Tennessee whiskey - Foil Print
Tennessee Whiskey | Foil Prints:
Reindeer | Foil Print :

I asked her to give me some information about her company to share with you all.

Love Child Designs isn’t just about creating beautiful hand made products. Every design is made with the goal of sharing the love.

I built Love Child Designs from the ground up. I started hand lettering as a hobby in 2016, and received so much love from my friends and family I decided to turn it into a business to share the love! I did some research, got my business license and learned how to build an entire eCommerce website without any background in these areas.

Each and every order is 100% hand lettered by me personally. Every foil print is made by hand from the pencil sketch to personalized packaging, and the hand written thank you card. Every wood sign is is hand cut, sanded, packaged and shipped personally. Every Love Child Designs post, product, and comment comes straight from me. There are no smoke and mirrors here! No surprises or hidden agenda, except for the extra free goodies I send with every order. 😉

Each order also includes FREE 3 Day shipping in the US, *plus* extra goodies are always included no matter what you order. The price you see is the price you pay at checkout!

I am still continuing to learn and grow and look forward to continuing to share the love!!



Happy Reading Everyone!

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