Calling All Guest bloggers!

Hi Fellow Book Bloggers,

I am looking for some fellow book bloggers to do some guest blogging on my site. If you have recently read a wonderful book, have an author you think is fantastic, or would like to put together a favorite book list for my readers, I would love to publish your post! I will link to your blog so that you can get some traffic back to your site.

Here are my guidelines/instructions:

    1. I have final approval of all posts and can make any edits as I see fit.
    2. I will add any affiliate links to your post for books you mention.
    3. This is a one time blogger to blogger relationship unless otherwise noted.
    4. I would like all book posts to be fairly current releases and fairly well known authors. My blog tends to be mainstream books and authors and I would like it to stay that way.
    5. If you intend to submit a guest blog, please send me a summary of your plan before you are finished writing it.
    6. You will publish your blog post on your page as well as link to my blog site. We can do this on the same day or whenever you would like within 2 weeks of it being published on my site.
    7. Send me an email through my Contact Me page located at and let me know you’re interested. There is no time frame, so if you are reading this post months down the road you are still welcome to contact me about a guest blog post.
    8. Have fun!

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