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Hi Readers,

I am in need of your help. The current tagline for my blog is “Everyone has lost sleep while reading fantastic books.” To be quite honest, I am bored with it. I don’t think it really captures the feeling I want my blog to represent. I want something funny and exciting. Something that someone will see on a Google Search and have to click! I am not very creative, and have been wracking my brain to come up with something fresh. After coming up with nothing, I turn to you.

So here is what I propose…

For the next week, please think of any taglines that represent Book It Forward. A space where you can find book reviews, book news and exciting TV/Movie adaptation information. For every tagline you send me either through my blog, or, you will receive one entry to win a $10 Amazon eGift Card! If I select a new tagline from the suggestions, the tagline winner will also receive a $10 eGift Card! I will let this contest run for a week, unless I need to run it longer. Once the winners are chosen, I will post their names, and send their eGift cards to their email addresses.

Thank you for your help brainstorming!

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